Our service range

As cutting edge technology is generally related with high costs, Medicare HTM has developed an innovative solution to give practitioners easier access to this technology without any investment. Our unique concept has already convinced a large number of healthcare professionals. What about you ?

HTM Laser Centres

The HTM Laser Centres are multi-speciality centres that were created so healthcare professionals could :

Une parfaite maitrise technologique

Use the latest laser technologies for medical and surgical treatments

disposer d’équipements contrôlés

Gain access to inspected, checked and safe equipment

Personnel technique et médical

Get support from trained and thorough technical and medical teams

un cadre agréable

Treat patients in a pleasant environment

gestion interne des consommables et de leurs stocks

Benefit from the internal management of consumables and their stocks

Benefit from Medicare HTM’s over 20 years of expertise in the management of mobile laser sources

Who are the laser centres intended for?

ophtalmologue icone

Ophthalmologists for excimer and femtosecond visual correction treatments

dermatlogue icon

Dermatologists for rejuvenation procedures, anti-ageing medicine and skin laser treatment

Where to find a laser centre ?


2 Rue de la Bastille

44000 – NANTES


1040 Rue du Rosier

 45160 – Olivet


32 Rue Amiral Linois

29200 – Brest


Centre Laser spécialisé dans la médecine esthétique


Centre Laser spécialisé dans la chirurgie réfractive.


Centre Laser spécialisé dans la chirurgie réfractive.


Centre Laser spécialisé dans la médecine esthétique et la chirurgie réfractive.