Our product range

Our offer includes implantable ophthalmic medical devices (intraocular implants, etc.), diagnostic devices (e.g. topographer, aberrometer, etc.), as well as products for the general public (food supplements, cosmetics).

Our OVDs range

OVDs are used for anterior chamber ophthalmic surgery and specifically for cataract and retinal surgery.

These are class IIb medical devices. Please read the user guide carefully before use.

implant avec seringue pehaluronf medicare htm

Albomed AG

Pe HA Luron 1.6%

Sodium hyaluronate 1.6%

Origin: Bacterial fermentation

1.0 ml syringes

No refrigeration required

peha visco seringue medicare htm

Albomed AG

PeHa Visco 2,4% ou Polyvisc 2.4%

HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose (HPMC)

2.0 ml syringes

No refrigeration required

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