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A quality assurance initiative is deployed across all business activities, bringing together the administration, logistics, sales and executive teams to perennially boost our continuous service improvement policy. Our commitment: keep you satisfied!

This quality commitment was rewarded by the ISO 9001 certification in February 2002.

25 years of expertise

Building on our extensive experience in supporting and developing business for ophthalmologist and dermatologist surgeons. Opt for our innovative and well-mastered solutions that will meet your requirements.

société vehicules medicare htm

Our activity

It comprises multi-site rental services using cutting edge equipment for refractive surgery and aesthetic medicine and the availability of sites dedicated to the practice of refractive surgery and aesthetic medicine (HTM Laser Centre).

Our activity comprises distribution
via a logistics platform based in Saint-Herblain:

dispositifs médicaux implantables ophtalmologiques

Ophthalmic implantable medical devices (IOLs, capsular tension rings, OVDs, punctum plugs, etc.)

materiel de diagnostic icone

Ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment equipment (new and used)

operation laser
complement alimentaire icone

Vision food supplement

masque facial icone

Cosmetic products for post aesthetic medical treatment

Innovative and customised services:


The multi-site equipment and laser rental concept

Allows for the development of their field of application and for meeting the demand without financial pressure. We offer them :


Creation and management of HTM laser centres

Facilities for secure surgical approaches, with :

International cover :

Medicare HTM operates both in France and internationally :

We operate

ISO 9001 Certification

Our company is ISO 9001 certified and offers a high quality service that meets your requirements.

Our commitment through this initiative, which highly mobilises the company’s skills, was driven by our continuous endeavour to improve our skills and our quality of service. This high level of demand consolidates relationships based on rigour, efficiency and shared values.

This initiative covers all business activities, combining the technical, administrative, logistics, sales and executive teams and perennially boosts our continuous service improvement policy.

We also suggest that you read our quality policy charter.